What Our Clients Say:

“Kevin analysed our team-building workshop, participating as a production facilitator. With the knowledge he gained he was able to spin off 15 different modules that we could offer as Continuous Improvement Program mini-sessions.”

- Bob Presner, Beyond the Box

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Customer Focus


  • What customers think
  • Who you are
  • Who you want to be

Learn what your customers and potential customers think.Customer

Find out what they value, what they need, and what they're willing to pay for. Also how they typically receive and process information, so you know how best to communicate - and grab their attention.

Customer Advisory sessions are just the start of an effective customer focus. Growth Path prepares you to take the next step to to compare your internal view with that of your customers, and determine how best to position yourself to take advantage of both viewpoints.

Fold in your strategic direction for the future, so that you grow with your targeted markets.

End result:

Clear, concise and effective communication of your value proposition and company differentiators.