What Our Clients Say:

“Kevin analysed our team-building workshop, participating as a production facilitator. With the knowledge he gained he was able to spin off 15 different modules that we could offer as Continuous Improvement Program mini-sessions.”

- Bob Presner, Beyond the Box

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Expansion Plans

Strategic Business Planning to ensure sustainable growth

Growth Path will help you determine the underserved ‘white spots’ for economic expansion. Then we can walk you through the process of deciding if you want a full service direct selling/delivery branch/outlet; are better served by a sales-only office. Next we work with you on a business plan analysis to make the choice of determining whether it’s more effective to branch out directly, or to acquire an existing infrastructure. The alternative to this – partnering with a local value-added reseller is also evaluated.

These ‘white spots’ can be both geographic (e.g. opening a new sales office in the suburbs), or portfolio related (adding infrastructure to handle a new product line).

For acquisitions, we can examine the strategic value of a bolt-on or expansion, and the potential it may add over and above its economic value. Acquisitions can cause radical shifts in market share; erase barriers to entry; create/remove channel conflicts; heighten union/non-union worker tension – and you need to be aware of the potential impact of all of these.

One of the most cost-effective ways of adding market potential, sales and delivery capability is through strategic partnering. Growth Path will help you determine what kinds of partners are suitable, then join you in evaluating the ideal fit. We'll also work with you on how to grow beyond your current partners.

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