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“Kevin analysed our team-building workshop, participating as a production facilitator. With the knowledge he gained he was able to spin off 15 different modules that we could offer as Continuous Improvement Program mini-sessions.”

- Bob Presner, Beyond the Box

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Market Share

Few mid-sized industries are in the enviable position of having reliable data on overall market size available. If your market is not neatly encompassed by Europe or the USA – the two areas which have the best data, it gets more complex.

Market ShareMost North American estimates for example, take the USA add 10% for Canada and forget Latin America entirely. How do you find a market potential for a new product that has no equivalent? If you’ve got something new & improved, what % of the existing market is really available to you? Where do you start?

Growth Path will build a research model based on your company’s requirements, then examine relevant data sources. We can advise what data you should purchase, and what you can realistically expect from it. More importantly, we’ll build the dynamic data models to help bridge the gaps in market intelligence with a degree of assurance. We have experience in a wide variety of models & bridges, including those based on company size & annual revenue; building square footage (m2); number of full time employees; throughput (enrollment/patients/clients); and facilities based.

The next step is to break down this overall market into the segmentation most useful for your company. This can be geographical, based on demographics when you sell directly to consumers, or by vertical market when you sell to other businesses. Through modeling, we can provide you market transparency – the ability to tunnel down from the over-all market, through regional breakdowns, verticals (by NAICS or demographics) to a specific customer to determine their potential to your business. This enables the best kind of targeting for your sales force – knowing the high potential customers within their region.

We’ll also help you build competitive profiles to understand how others in your industry are structured and positioned. If you know how & where your competitors work, it’s much easier to uniquely position yourself for success – without a price war. This understanding of your market share in segments is critical to developing your intermediate & long term growth plans, and leads the way to understanding best regions or segments for expansion, partnering & acquisitions.

Customer segmentation & targeting also paves the way for superior sales results. Data mining provides qualified leads for directed sales management techniques, and improved key account management focus.