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“Kevin analysed our team-building workshop, participating as a production facilitator. With the knowledge he gained he was able to spin off 15 different modules that we could offer as Continuous Improvement Program mini-sessions.”

- Bob Presner, Beyond the Box

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Portfolio Management

Product ManagementDo you need dedicated product or service offering managers? If so, what should their focus be?

Growth Path will lay out a strategic portfolio management plan tailored to enhance your growth ability, carefully delineating organizational responsibilities. Whether you need to bolster existing product management, or add it to your organization, we can pinpoint the areas where your resources will be best utilized.

The first step is to determine the high support, and high growth elements in your portfolio, both of which require unique styles of product management. We’ll also look at how service for your portfolio is currently addressed, to see if it is best served by integrated or discrete management. Effective service portfolio management is the key to profitability in many companies, and Growth Path can illuminate these opportunities.

Major challenges for most portfolio managers including branding – especially with multiple product lines or stratas. We can help with both rationalization and differentiation, both by market and sales channel, to optimize the product mix for your target markets. This can result in major savings in both development and purchasing, as these endeavors are harmonized to target segments.

Many product managers typically rise through the ranks, and are very technically proficient and understand the nuances and applications of their portfolio well. We can help them translate this into communicated expertise that the market desires. As well, we can help fill in the gaps in typical problem areas such as establishing market level pricing, and competitive selling profiles.

Finally we can ensure that the support infrastructure for your portfolio includes both your sales & business development force, and of course your customer base. With almost two decades of portfolio management experience, Growth Path has the knowledge to help you implement the processes, and checkpoints which ensure that your team covers all the bases. This includes comprehensive checklists – from service parts, sales demos, internal/external documentation, sales training, and purchasing agreements, to detailed launch plans.