What Our Clients Say:

“Kevin analysed our team-building workshop, participating as a production facilitator. With the knowledge he gained he was able to spin off 15 different modules that we could offer as Continuous Improvement Program mini-sessions.”

- Bob Presner, Beyond the Box

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State of Growth Readiness Assessment

Mid-sized companies can’t afford a heavy marketing overhead. We’ll help you determine a focus for your marketing efforts to reduce overall expenditures, by channeling resources to where your organization requires them to grow.

Assessment Tool

We’ll start by using a comprehensive survey tool to uncover the current Sales & Marketing state of growth readiness for your business. This two-stage process starts with a review of your sales & marketing process by Growth Path, to see what’s currently in place, and our view of the status. This is followed up by structured interviews with your sales & marketing teams, to see where they believe the organizational strengths and weaknesses are.

Collating and analyzing this, we can help you determine your state of growth readiness in the evolutionary status of all the major elements of strategic marketing necessary to a successful organization. These are ranked on a sliding scale from non-existent, through rudimentary, average, superior and world-class. These evaluations extend through the breakdown of major tasks – for example, your Product Management may rate superior overall, but need shoring up in a specific area such as establishing market-level pricing strategy.

The results of this evaluation will help you target your marketing efforts to have the greatest ROI for your organization. We can determine the incremental efforts required for stability and maintaining customer satisfaction/retention, and those required for growth. This can lead to an organizational roadmap for both short-term ‘low hanging fruit’ and intermediate to long-term growth plans.

Benefits in targeting your marketing resources in this manner are significant – you will hire people with the skill sets that most benefit your organization. You’ll know when you need a Key Account Manager instead of a Marketing Manager. You can also determine efforts which are best out-sourced. Your Product Managers may be perfectly capable technically, but need help in establishing a market potential profile.

And of course Growth Path can work with you in any of these identified areas to augment & strengthen your existing capabilities. When you commission an additional 2 weeks of Growth Path programs, we’ll rebate 50% of the assessment cost. Commission 3 weeks, and we’ll rebate the full cost of your State of Growth Readiness Assessment.