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“Kevin analysed our team-building workshop, participating as a production facilitator. With the knowledge he gained he was able to spin off 15 different modules that we could offer as Continuous Improvement Program mini-sessions.”

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Growth Path Web Maintenance Program

We’ve designed a program of updates to static and dynamic content, aligned with regular refreshes to improve navigation and usability. And the metrics to ensure it’s all on track.

Creating a great website is a rewarding challenge. Keeping it fresh with constantly changing content is a more arduous task. Yet a necessary one with considerable benefits – continual content refreshes reap SEO benefits, and make your website a destination for repeat viewings. Both of these build brand equity and awareness.

All recommendations below are for B2B websites.

Metrics and Analytics

Once you create a website, you need to know how well performs the tasks set for it. Does it drive traffic to the critical pages? Do people spend time on heavy content pages? Where does traffic originate, and where else on your site does it go?

Quarterly review of website metrics should lead to a few basic recommendations and fine-tuning. Simply changing the order of pages in the menu, or location of buttons and links can improve traffic flow. Understanding referring sites can lead to a cross-promotion strategy.

Content, Content, Content

Static websites die quickly. If nothing changes, you get no repeat traffic, and search engines quickly begin to ignore you. There are two main ways to update the text on your site:

Page Content

Modify how you present your products and services, company philosophy and history, tutorials and leadership profiles. But while some pages need this tweaking more frequently, you probably only want a major refresh annually.

Dynamic Content

Dynamic content is fabulous for SEO, but needs comprehensive updates.

  • Blogs - In a B2B environment, blogs are longer, meatier, and less frequent than personal or consumer based blogs. Typical length should run around 250 words, and you should post a new blog roughly every two weeks.
  • News - To make your site a destination for people browsing your sector, being a news hub is critical. A well chosen, weekly article from varied sources will benefit your SEO and encourage repeat visits.
  • Other great dynamic home page content includes video and social media feeds.

» Editorial Calendar

» Bi-Weekly Blogs & Weekly News Updates

» Quarterly Metrics Analysis & Fine-tuning

» Annual Refresh

Price: $750/month, based on a 1-year contract.
Modifications available on an a la carte basis.
Ask about associated e-marketing, video and social media programs.

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